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Jarrod Radnich’s company, MASTERMIND STUDIOS, debuted its new innovention—PianoTube LIVE!—at the 2013 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. What The Music Trades magazine heralded as a “dazzling innovation,” the technology at its core allows any MIDI-enabled player piano or keyboard instrument located anywhere in the world to play—literally—a piano performance uploaded to or live streamed over YouTube when that performance originates from another MIDI enabled piano/keyboard instrument.

This means that Radnich could sit down at his grand piano in his studio, and every keystroke, every pedal movement of his performance would upload through YouTube and then could play literally millions of midi-enabled pianos and keyboard instruments around the world live and in realtime. When he plays a piano key in Joshua Tree, that same key would simultaneously play in Dubai, as example; or, he could record a performance and upload it to a YouTube channel to play—as if Radnich was there performing on their piano whenever they like.

Radnich’s “PianoTubeLIVE!” was featured on New York City’s Times Square.