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About Jarrod Radnich

Most often compared with Franz Liszt, pianist and composer Jarrod Radnich is ranked by ReverbNation as the #1 most popular living independent classical/instrumental musician globally and, with over half-a-billion video fans worldwide, has been heralded as “the force that is making the piano cool again.”

Jarrod Radnich is a music composer, arranger, pianist, producer, educator, and innovator.

He is an international bestselling author of instrumental music arrangements, was featured at the Emmy Awards and on NBC’s The Today Show, is ranked #1 for instrumental artists globally by ReverbNation, and—with over a half-billion video viewers worldwide—is heralded as “the force that is making the piano cool again.” For almost a decade, millions of visitors to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland were able to see and hear him perform his extremely popular medley arrangement of music from Pirates of the Caribbean—“live” on a player piano in the Dream Home of the Future. Radnich’s newest film score has been garnering him many international awards, including a prestigious GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD, a CRYSTAL PINE AWARD nomination alongside John Williams, an ACCOLADE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, and winning the WILLIAMSBURG INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC COMPETITION, among many others.

Radnich prolifically composes original scores and arrangements for live theater, commercials, concert performances, and film, and will soon release a series of new musical works for both solo piano and full orchestra, entitled 21st Century Classics. Radnich was sought out by composer and multi-platinum producer Paul O’Neill (Aerosmith, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) to perform in TSO and begin work on creating a new “mega band” and Broadway musical projects, which are currently on hiatus due to O’Neill’s unexpected passing. Radnich’s compositions range from those written for a short commercial jingle to those lasting the length of a several-hour motion picture or play, and they may include instrumentation ranging from the simplicity of a few well-chosen instruments to the complexity and depth of a full African choir accompanying a large symphony orchestra.

Radnich concertizes throughout the country and is a pioneer and leader demonstrating the art and nuance of both Internet long-distance and live performance utilizing reproducing pianos in ways that are truly revolutionary.

Presenting part of his piano instruction, he was featured by NBC’s Today Show as he coached a Miss America contestant (Anna Simpson) across thousands of miles using a PianoDisc iQ player system.  As part of the Mastermind Studios team, he created “PianoTube LIVE!” that was recently described as “a dazzling innovation” by The Music Trades magazine. The innovation makes it possible for a YouTube viewer’s PianoDisc iQ equipped piano to literally play exactly as shown on the YouTube video they are watching, in sync with the video—all from specially encrypted data streaming from the YouTube video itself.

A child prodigy, Radnich began professionally instructing piano at age 11, and thereafter received full scholarships to Berklee College of Music at 14 and the University of Redlands at 16.

During those teen years, Radnich was the top pianist for the L.A. Music Center’s Spotlight Awards as well as the SoCal All-Star Jazz Band, rose to be named the Musical Director of Babes in Arms (McCallum Theater), starred in Jarrod in Concert (Annenberg Theater), became YAMAHA’s youngest recording artist, composed his first piano concerto, and composed and produced an original, fully-orchestrated film score for the silent film Metropolis. Just before he was to be featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Radnich fell ill and began a lengthy and intense battle with a life-threatening illness before the age of 20—during which time he founded the Joshua Tree Philharmonic and composed numerous orchestral and lyrical scores as he drew deeply on the healing strengths and powers of music.

With favorite composers of Maurice Ravel, Hans Zimmer, and Sergei Rachmaninoff, Radnich’s current works follow suit.

His fresh compositions and orchestrations have been performed by him at venues such as Lincoln Center, the Music Center at Strathmore, and others; and they have served as the launching pad for his Virtuosic Piano Solo Series™. These compositions are performed around the globe and are often included in music proficiency exams at the collegiate level. Most recently, Sweden has adopted some of his works for inclusion in their public school music curriculum. Radnich is a recording and concert artist for Mason & Hamlin.

Radnich’s music video from HBO’s Game of Thrones was featured during the 66th Emmy Awards, and he recently released exclusive covers and videos for both Disney’s Cinderella and Star Wars (which was #2 on the sheet music charts for weeks only behind Adele’s Hello), and Beauty and the Beast. A best-selling author of sheet music worldwide, he has partnered with Musicnotes to create an expansive library of new advanced-level piano arrangements of popular works.

Philanthropically, Radnich volunteers as the President and Artistic Director of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center in Joshua Tree and as Maestro of the Joshua Tree Philharmonic.

At the Center, Radnich creates his own orchestral arrangements so that each member of the orchestra, regardless of skill level, may participate in and contribute to the full-scale orchestral movements—all without a loss to the depth and integrity of the composition or musical performance. He creates original compositions and arrangements for many of the live theater productions, elevating the music of the award-winning regional theater far above most others.


Jarrod Radnich is one of those rare musical geniuses who only comes along every few generations. His virtually immeasurable natural talent, combined with an incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft, put him in a league with some of the greatest musicians of history. Through his personal virtuosic approach, Jarrod is blazing his own trails and, thankfully, restoring a magnificence of solo keyboard performance that had faded over the past decades. He has set the standard to which we hope to direct our students.

Robert Humphrey, Executive Director, Conservatory of the Plains/Arts Academy of the Plains Foundation

When I heard and saw Jarrod perform live, I was truly astounded. And when I saw his performance again – but this time as a demo on our PianoDisc iQ Intelligent Player System – I knew that Jarrod’s musical performances would be a superb addition to our extensive piano music library. To watch the keys play exactly as he plays, with every nuance, rhythm, and ornament that he is famous for, is such a joy; and we look forward to adding much more of his outstandingly virtuosic music to our library over the coming years.

Tom Lagomarsino, PianoDisc

Our son is living testament that your approach and philosophy are concrete. We witnessed the transformation in him and it touched so many different aspects of his life beyond our expectations; increased self-confidence, positive social acceptance, opportunities for expressing himself, performing for anyone who will listen, and teaching and encouraging his siblings and peers.

Jeff B. - parent of young piano student