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The Music

Radnich’s compositional skills span a broad swath of musical genres and styles, and his compositions and arrangements have been created for a wide variety of musical venues and applications.  Whether composing for a nationally broadcast Miss America show in Las Vegas, a full-scale feature film and accompanying video game, a new concerto for full symphony orchestra, a swinging jazz big band number, a quartet,  a live theatrical Broadway musical with empowering lyrics, or, of course, a piano solo piece, Radnich feels equally at home. His fresh compositions and orchestrations draw much acclaim and have been performed by him at venues such as Lincoln Center, the Music Center at Strathmore, and more. They have made him an international best-selling author with and Hal Leonard Corporation and have served as the launching pad for his Virtuosic Piano Solo Series. These compositions are performed around the globe, have been recorded exclusively by Radnich for PianoDisc player systems, and are on his latest CDs or as downloadable MP3 audio files.


With over two-hundred thousand entries from around the globe, Jarrod Radnich’s original music score to Gordon J. Clark’s new experimental film, MESSAGES TO SELF, won a highly coveted Global Music Award in this year’s prestigious 2023 international competition. With only a few scores/soundtracks selected, including music from the new THE LORD OF THE RINGS video game, Radnich’s original score features soaring melodies, intricate orchestrations, unique instrumentations, and rhythmic excitement that carries the human spirit on a truly memorable journey. Radnich’s score is currently winning and being selected by many other international competitions, including WorldFest-Houston, ARFF Berlin International Awards, Deccan International Cine Carnival, Maui Film Festival, World Film Carnival-Singapore, and many others.

“The First Message”
“She Was A Butterfly”
“Aliens Among Us”
“The Swap Meet + Remembering Aaron”


Commissioned to create and to perform original arrangements of Disney favorites including “Pirates Of The Caribbean,” “A Whole New World” and more for continuing use in their “Dream Home of the Future” exhibit in Tomorrowland. His “live” virtual performances were part of the exhibit’s grand opening and for nearly a decade played for over 3,000 captivated visitors a day. The arrangements are filled with flourishes, high-intensity rhythms, and the incredible virtuosic technique for which Jarrod Radnich is best known. Radnich’s “Pirates Of The Caribbean” is one of the best-selling pieces of piano sheet music in the world.

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Whole New World
“STRONG” — Disney’s Official Cinderella 2015 Music Video


In addition to the short film described above, Radnich creates original compositions for the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s various theatrical performances.  For international playwright Ron House’s highly-acclaimed Swift Fox, Radnich created an original Native American-influenced orchestral score that resonated throughout the performance, adding a sense of mystique and beauty to the play.

Ghost Dance



The original music, scoring, and lyrics of MACAW, (an animated musical whose story was also conceived by Radnich many years ago) have been written by Radnich as part of this major work.    Listen to  some excerpts of some of MACAW’s incredibly moving music. (Vocals by Jarrod Radnich and Patti Cohenour, original “Christine Daae” from Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway)

Baleen Flyin’
We Will Be Free


Jarrod Radnich‘s fully orchestrated Christmas album was released in 2010. In traditional fashion, Radnich weaves lush rhythms and piano ornamentation through each of these fully orchestrated scores. Many customers report that they play this music all year long, and we agree! Wonderfully relaxing, yet newly fresh, uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable!, this is a best-selling album. Through, we are very proud to present both a digitally downloadable and a physical CD of this spectacular Christmas music. The individual tracks and album are also available on iTunes, Listen to the music samples or go to to listen to the full length selections! While most of the album is a new collection of beautiful instrumental arrangements of seasonal classics, one song, “Can You Hear Me?” is an adult contemporary song dedicated to those who serve and have served in the United States Armed Forces, as well as those who lovingly support them at home.

Can You Hear Me?
Czech Drumming Song
Ukrainian Bell Carol

“Hedwig’s Theme” is the character-specific theme (leitmotif) composed for orchestra by John Williams for the Warner Brothers film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and is interpolated throughout the rest of the Harry Potter film series. While the original orchestration contains no piano, this piano solo arrangement composed and performed by Jarrod Radnich captures the magical and at times spritely aura within the film while at the same time conveying the awesome power that resonates throughout the full orchestral score.


From the blockbuster film series, The Lord of the Rings, this piano solo arrangement of melodies from the movie is a virtuosic-level arrangement composed and performed by Jarrod Radnich. While the original orchestration contains no piano, this piano solo arrangement captures the magical and at times lyrical aura within the film while at the same time conveying the awesome power that resonates throughout the full orchestral score.


Radnich headed the collaborative team and vocally dueted with Kaye Ballard on the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!” jingle as part of California’s earthquake preparedness drill and associated public announcement.  Vocals by Kaye Ballard and Jarrod Radnich.