Arrangements Like Never Before

Sheet music for many of Jarrod Radnich’s arrangements has been published and is available in his online store.  In all cases, the arrangements allow a pianist to show off their skills while playing music that they, and their audiences, will enjoy – whether it be for the holidays, high-level competitions, recitals, or friendly gatherings.  Sheet music is divided into two series, the Virtuosic Piano Solo Series and the Advanced Piano Solo Series, doctor and all include peddle marks and, where helpful, suggested finger positioning.

All these arrangements provide recital-level and competition worthy piano solos primarily for advanced pianists, although intermediate level pianists will enjoy the challenge of learning these large-scale and technique-filled arrangements. Working through these arrangements should provide the student pianist with not only a sense of accomplishment and a repertoire that they will enjoy sharing with family and friends, but also provides the pianist with substantial technique building pieces.  Music instructors can use sections of the various arrangements to illustrate a variety of techniques and keep the experience interesting and fun for the student.

Virtuosic Piano Solo Series

The musical arrangements in the Virtuosic Piano Solo Series are for extremely advanced pianists

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. These technically challenging arrangements are sure to provide an enthralling “wow” factor for your concerts where previous musical arrangements of these melodies were too simple to do so.


Sheet music for the Virtuosic series is available in the online store for the following arrangements with more to be released soon!


  • Pirates of the Caribbean Medley
  • Harry Potter’s “Hedwig’s Theme”
  • Jurassic Park
  • Lord of the Rings Medley
  • A Whole New World
  • Hatikvah
  • Czech Drumming Carol (Little Drummer Boy)
  • The First Noel (The First Nowell)
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful
  • Ukrainian Bell Carol (Carol of the Bells)
  • We Three Kings (Of Orient Are)

Advanced Piano Solo Series

Unlike many other compositions labeled “advanced” by music publishers, the arrangements in the Truly Advanced Piano Solo Series are actually considered to be very advanced, but without the lengthy runs and extreme jumps and rhythm changes found in the Virtuosic Series.


Sheet music for the Advanced series is available in the online store for the following arrangements more to be released soon!


  • Away In A Manger
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  • What Child Is This?