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For Radnich, perhaps his favorite parts of being a composer are the freedoms he feels when he creates a new piece and the rewards he receives when his clients are enthralled by it.  Radnich’s compositional skills span a broad swath of musical genres and styles, and his compositions have been created for a wide variety of musical venues and applications.  Whether composing for a nationally broadcast Miss America show in Las Vegas, a full-scale feature film and game, a new concerto for full symphony orchestra, a swinging jazz big band number, a quartet, or a live theatrical Broadway musical with empowering lyrics, Radnich feels equally at home.  In addition to preparing printed scores and conducting musicians during studio recordings, Radnich’s own studio is fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies that enable him to compose and record classical, jazz, rock, electronic, new age, world, or cross-genre musical styles.



From Conservatories to YouTube

Having created and co-created literally thousands of original arrangements, (such as the music of Harry Potter, Madonna’s Evita, Enya, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Best of Michael McDonald, and many others) for PianoDisc, Walt Disney Corporation, Hal Leonard Inc., Yamaha Corporation, and others, and climbing the charts to number one in YouTube and ReverbNation with covers and popularity, Radnich’s arranging accolades are numerous and cross a myriad of diverse styles and genres.  Radnich can create arrangements that are exceedingly complex and virtuosic, or he can create more simplified arrangements – based on the musician’s skill level – that don’t lose the intensity or power of the original composition. In particular with his piano arrangements, Radnich in known the world over for “turning the piano into a full scale symphony orchestra” and his arrangements are among the most performed new arrangements in Universities and Conservatories around the globe.



From Lincoln Center to Strathmore

Radnich is an accomplished pianist and an exceptional performer with a unique ability to incorporate music “theory” into a truly masterful performance.  At his sold-out show at the Annenberg Theater, Radnich performed big band standards, jazz, and original arrangements that he created to bridge well-known jazz melodies with the more classical renditions from which they originated.  Radnich has frequently performed live for delighted audiences such as those at New York’s Lincoln Center and the Cleveland Clinic and, as his Recent Projects tab describes, has recently performed “remotely” (with internationally acclaimed pianist, Frederic Chiu, and Broadway vocalist, Patti Cohenour) at the Music Center at Strathmore and the Intel Visionary Conference.  Radnich can perform on a remote state-of-the-art digital/acoustic grand piano from his Joshua Tree studio without any nuance of the music being lost in the transmission

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Innovative Instruction

Radnich has been teaching music and piano since he was only 11. He instructs students in composition, music theory, and piano technique and performance.  Not only does he instruct in his private studio, but he can instruct a piano student anywhere on the globe if that student is connected with a MIDI enabled keyboard instrument.  Because his studio is specially equipped, the challenges of distance are not an issue for a student who can connect their MIDI keyboard instrument to the Internet and who avails themselves of Skype.  A director at the Intel Corporation recently said that this “completely changes the paradigm of what on-line learning looks like.”


State-Of-The-Art Internet Distance Concerts

For dealers of any MIDI enabled keyboard instrument – imagine being able to show your customers the incredible abilities of MIDI keyboard products that you retail in your store with a world-class pianist who performs “live” at that time from a remote location in Joshua Tree California… but makes the keys and pedals move at your store location in a truly remarkable performance.  This service provides a fantastic amazement factor unlike anything most customers (or dealers) have seen before, and dealer concerts have been selling out nationwide with equally impressive product sales following the demonstration and concert performance.