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Jarrod Radnich’s film score to Gordon J. Clark’s new experimental film, MESSAGES TO SELF, has taken the international film scoring community by storm as it continues to be honored by top industry competitions and festivals around the world.

NOTE: Many of these and other competitions are still in process, and Official Selection, Finalist, etc. classifications will be continually updated on this post as the competitions progress.


This original score was composed, recorded, edited, and mastered by Jarrod Radnich at his music studio in Joshua Tree, California. Final mixing of the film was completed with Scott A. Jennings at Artistry In Sound’s studios in Burbank, California. Jarrod created several sound sample libraries to enable him to represent and incorporate elements unique to the film’s score and character—including specific drywalling tools and wind chimes. The drywall sample library is of various construction tools used in action—such as a trowel applying plaster on wall, mixing wet drywall in a 5-gallon plastic bucket, hitting the sides of the bucket with a metal trowel, and a trowel scraping and tapping a mud pan, among others. He used this sample library to create many of the percussive elements throughout the score. The wind chimes sample library was created from various wind chime bars sampled individually. Jarrod then used this library to enable the wind chime sounds to enter the score not as mere atmospheric source effects, but also to integrate into and reflect various melodic components of the score, rhythmically morphing from seemingly random chimes into a distinct ostinato. Jarrod wrote several melodies for this score; representing various people and parts of Dave’s life, with a particular and haunting focus on his wife, Amy, and their love for one another. The melodies are interwoven contrapuntally throughout the score in various modes and rhythms. Since the film’s dialogue was recorded before Jarrod became involved in the project, he reworked the rhythmic nuance of the closing sequence, “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” to fit with Dave’s unique recitation.

CLICK to listen to samples from the soundtrack on Jarrod’s “MUSIC” Page.



Alongside award nominees John Williams (THE FABELMANS) and Mark Weingarten, Chris Burdon, & Mark Taylor (TOP GUN: MAVERICK), Jarrod Radnich was honored with a prestigious Crystal Pine Horizon Award nomination by the International Sound and Film Music Festival for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark’s new film, MESSAGES TO SELF. Winners will be announced this month at their annual event.


Alongside Oscar and Emmy-winning producers, directors, and artists, Jarrod Radnich won two prestigious Accolade Global Film Competition awards for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark’s new film, MESSAGES TO SELF. Radnich’s Accolade Award Of Excellence places him in consideration for an Oscar/Academy Award nomination.


With over 200,000 entries from around the globe, Jarrod Radnich’s original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark’s new experimental film, MESSAGES TO SELF, won a highly coveted Global Music Award in this year’s prestigious 2023 international competition. With only a few scores/soundtracks selected, including music from the new THE LORD OF THE RINGS video game, Radnich’s original score features soaring melodies, intricate orchestrations, unique instrumentations, and rhythmic excitement that carries the human spirit on a truly memorable journey.


Considered one of the Top 5 film festivals by Moviemaker magazine, the Williamsburg International Film & Music Competition awarded Jarrod Radnich First Place—Soundtrack Competition for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark’s new film, MESSAGES TO SELF.


Showcased in major international media outlets such as Variety, Vogue Global Network/Condé Nast, People Magazine, and more, and with nearly 20,000 celebrities, honorees, film industry execs, and movie fans attending last year’s festival in multiple iconic venues—the Garden State Film Festival is awarding Jarrod Radnich their prestigious Best Movie Music Award at this year’s festival for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark’s new film, MESSAGES TO SELF.