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Often compared with Franz Liszt, Mason & Hamlin Artist Jarrod Radnich has captured the top position on YouTube for solo piano performance, considered “The most popular pianist in the world” and ranked #1 for instrumental artists globally by ReverbNation, has been featured at the Emmy Awards and on NBC’s Today Show and, with over half-a-billion video viewers worldwide, has been heralded as “the force that is making the piano cool again.



Jarrod Radnich wins two prestigious ACCOLADE GLOBAL FILM COMPETITION AWARDS — Film Score/Soundtrack

Alongside Oscar and Emmy-winning producers, directors, and artists, Jarrod Radnich won two prestigious Accolade Global Film Competition awards for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark's new film, MESSAGES TO SELF. Radnich's  "Accolade Award Of Excellence" places him in…

Jarrod Radnich nominated for prestigious CRYSTAL PINE HORIZON AWARD — Film Score/Soundtrack

Alongside award nominees John Williams (THE FABELMANS) and Mark Weingarten, Chris Burdon, & Mark Taylor (TOP GUN: MAVERICK), Jarrod Radnich was honored with a prestigious Crystal Pine Horizon Award nomination for his original film score/soundtrack to Gordon J. Clark's new…

Jarrod Radnich Wins GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD for best Original Score/Soundtrack

With over two-hundred thousand entries from around the globe, Jarrod Radnich's original music score to Gordon J. Clark's new experimental film, MESSAGES TO SELF, won a highly coveted Global Music Award in this year's prestigious 2023 international competition. With only…

Radnich releases new “PIRATES FOREVER” 3 Movement Fantasy Suite for Piano

Following the unprecedented success of his Pirates of the Caribbean that took the world by storm and was featured at Disneyland as a permenant part of Tomorrowland, Jarrod Radnich has released a long awaited three-movement version highlighting the most memorable themes from…